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Meet Stephany

Hi! I’m Stephany.

I have been passionate about childbirth and personal health and wellness for as long as I can remember. I have dedicated myself to enhancing the experiences of those within my life and community. As a certified birth doula, I have gained a vast understanding of and compassion for those seeking the most fulfilling birth experience possible. I’m also a big fan of and educated in aromatherapy and holistic approaches for wellness and healing. I promise to do my best to give you peace of mind and empowerment that your body is incredible and can achieve amazing things. I love to be challenged and I have a strong dedication to those who have chosen me as their guide and support. Born and raised in Minnesota, I love the outdoors and everything nature. I enjoy travel, cooking and baking, writing, gardening and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. After becoming a mother I truly embraced the holistic lifestyle and worked hard to educate myself in natural healing and nutrition. As an adventurous mother of 3, I love exploring life, and embracing the lessons along the way. I became a mother at a young age and it has been the greatest joy in my life. I hope and pray to lead others to fully immerse themselves into this incredible role of parenthood. Birth is a mind & body experience. No matter what your approach is or beliefs are, this is a fact. My approach is to build your confidence in such a way that you go into this experience feeling prepared, empowered and strong. To have connected with yourselves so that you can approach your birth with clarity. Walking away feeling proud of the amazing work that you have done. Pregnancy and birth is the foundation of your parenthood.

Skills & Expertise 

- Childbirth Preparedness & Education

- Holistic Birth Coach

- Fitness: Yoga & Prenatal Exercise

- Nutrition Guidance

- Meditation & Visualization

- Massage & Aromatherapy

- Labor Coaching & Guidance

- SpinningBabies Trained 

- Breastfeeding Counseling

Postpartum Care & Support

- Infant Care & Sleep Training 

Doula Stephany Leading Exercise Routine
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