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Stephany Martinez, Certified Doula


Born and raised in Minnesota, I love the outdoors and everything nature. I enjoy travel, cooking and baking, writing, gardening and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. After becoming a mother I truly embraced the holistic lifestyle and worked hard to educate myself in natural healing and nutrition. As an adventurous mother of 4, I love exploring life, and embracing the lessons along the way. I became a mother at a young age and it has been the greatest joy in my life. I hope and pray to lead others to fully immerse themselves into this incredible role of parenthood.



- Certified thru International Doula Institute

- Certified Breastfeeding Counselor 

- Currently studying as a Hypnobabies Doula

- Served over 100 families 

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When I first entered into the birth world as a doula, I had no idea just how much expecting families struggled to have a voice and to experience birth the way they desired. As your doula, it is my goal and determination to support you, to educate you and guide you through your birth story. To help you find your voice. To hold space for you and protect you and your experience to the best of my ability. I mold myself around your birth vision and I work hard to help you bring that vision to life. 



- Childbirth Preparedness & Education

- Fitness: Yoga & Prenatal Exercise

- Nutrition Guidance

- Meditation & Visualization

- Massage & Aromatherapy

- Labor Coaching & Guidance

- Natural Labor Methods & Rebozo

- Breastfeeding Counseling

- Postpartum Care & Support

- Infant Care & Sleep Training