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Classes & Events


Empowered Birth: Comfort Measures for Unmedicated Birth

Prepare for your unmedicated birth with Confidence. This hands-on education will prepare you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Connect with your spouse or partner through mind/body exercises to build the foundation of your birth while also understanding the labor process. Practice breathing methods, laboring techniques, and other useful comfort measures under the guidance of this experienced birth team.

Educating is one of my favorite things to do as a doula. I have had the pleasure of developing a hands-on class called Empowered Birth: Comfort Measures for Unmedicated geared towards families that desire more skill in the birth space, a deeper understanding of labor stages, and how to navigate labor utilizing specific techniques and approaches. I am excited to also be working within the Sacred Space Birth Studio, where all classes and workshops are held. My clients have a beautiful opportunity of attending multiple different classes to help educate them and build their confidence as they prepare for their new addition.

The Village Circle Mother's Group

The Village Circle brings back the needed community for new mothers. A lovely get together hosted at the Studio, we get to come together as mothers. Discussing real time challenges, providing support, laughing together, enjoying the togetherness that we all crave. All clients with babies under 8 months are welcome! 

Collaborative Class Offerings

  • Hospital Birth Prep

  • Back To Breastfeeding: Holistic Lactation Preparation

  • The 4th Trimester: Nurtured Postpartum 

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