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Classes & Events

1 / Empowered Birth: Comfort Measures for Unmedicated Birth

Prepare for your unmedicated birth with confidence. This is hands-on education of the labor process, comfort measures, fetal positioning, and the mind/body connection. Led by Stephany Martinez, a trained and experienced birth doula. Learn labor process/stages, what exercises and positions optimize labor progress as well as massage and counter pressure. You'll learn about breathing techniques and visualization to keep you at peace and relaxed during labor. Connect with yourself and learn to trust your body.


*Contracted clients receive 10% off classes*

2 / Breastfeeding 101

This lactation education class will prepare you and your support person in best start possible on your breastfeeding journey. With the latest evidence-based approaches, you and your support person will learn how breastfeeding works, nutrition for a the breastfeeding person, optimal positioning and latch, getting back to work & so much more! Taught by Sacred Space Birth Services Owner and Lactation Educator Counselor (CLEC), Jennifer Koenig, this class will provide you the information and confidence you need to reach your breastfeeding goals & connect you with other breastfeeding families.


*Contracted clients receive 10% off classes*

3 / The Village Circle Mother's Group

We were never meant to do this alone. Motherhood has a deep need for community. A Village. Come together with us as we gather together to support one another, for education, for compassion, and most importantly, sisterhood. Expecting mothers and babies in arms welcome.

*Free and exclusive for contracted clients*

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