Virtual Doula Support for Hospital Births

As we are currently enduring an uncertain time, it has become even more vital that we are educated, prepared and supported during pregnancy, labor and delivery. Doula support is still incredibly valuable, even if you plan on a hospital birth.


Currently, Minnesota is only allowing 1 support person in the delivery room. However, that doesn’t mean you only have 1 support person as a whole. As a doula, we are built to adapt and mold around the situation and needs of our clients. This is my dedication to you as a doula. Having limited access to physical support only emphasizes the importance of learning the essential methods of comfort measures, advocating for yourselves, and having the evidenced based education to feel confident approaching your labor and delivery. Partners become the 1 and only physical presence for the birthing person and having the guidance and coaching can make all the difference. 


During this epidemic I have worked hard to quarantine and stay home as much as I possibly can so that I can be there for the clients that want in person meetings and support. Consultation will still be done virtually as we cannot meet at a coffee shop as usual. Prenatal meetings can also be virtual depending on your comfort level. The 2 prenatal meetings that I have with you are very different. The first is simply to do virtually as we mostly chat, go over questions/concerns, do an intake form, formulate your birth preferences and discuss comfort measures. The second/final prenatal is what I call “rehearsal”. Typically at my in person prenatals. I demonstrate stretches, exercises, labor positions, message and comfort measure techniques. As I can do this virtually, it is more difficult to get the full value of that instruction. So for the Virtual Birth Package you have the option of 3 Virtual Prenatal meetings rather than 2 (1 Virtual + 1 In-Person). This way there is more practice and guidance and time for questions. I am also still offering to support clients in their homes prior to heading into the hospital. Studies show laboring at home as long as possible with support people promotes smoother and shorter labors! So if this is an interest to you, I'm there for you.


Below is the full summary of the unique package. May you find clarity and courage during this difficult time.


Virtual Doula Birth Service

  • 2-3 Prenatal Appointments

  • Birth Planning Assistance

  • Education & Coaching 

  • In-Home Labor Support (optional)

  • Continuous Support via Phone/Text

  • Virtual Labor Support 

  • Breastfeeding Counseling 

  • Postpartum Preparedness Education 

  • Postpartum Follow Up Appointment


Deposit: $350

Total Investment: $700




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