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What is a Doula?

It comes from a Greek word meaning “Woman Servant”. Throughout history, it is known that woman had many companions and assistants during pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period. In today’s world we have refined the role to offer a once lost art to expecting mothers to better prepare them for their big event, giving birth!

Disclosure: We are NOT medical professionals. We are education and professional support people. We do not give medical advice or tell a client what to do. We only provide guidance.

What are the benefits of hiring a doula?

When we look at what a doula is and what her roles are, we can quickly see the many benefits to her assistance. It gives the expecting parents the peace of mind that they have an educated support person who is consistently staying up to speed on the new evidence-based information about childbirth and related topics. Companionship alone reduces anxiety, stress and fear and a potentially negative experience in birth. When reducing these negative feelings, a doula’s presence and support greatly reduces the risks of unwanted interventions during labor and drastically reduces the chances of a c-section. There are many studies on this topic and more statistical information will be given at your free consultation!

What does a doula do?

The role of a doula is immeasurable. But here is a list of things a doula is expected to do:

  • Help Clients Advocate for themselves

  • Assist in Birth Preferences

  • Educate expected parents on labor, birth, breastfeeding, infant care, health and nutrition

  • Provide information on hospitals, birth centers, providers, interventions, and immunizations

  • Guide the mother through her labor through vocal couching, labor position guidance, and other comfort measures

  • Provide emotional support

  • Help with the transition home from the birth center or hospital

  • Provide postpartum care such as in-home visits

  • Assist in any way she can within her scope of practice

What do your services cost?

The cost of hiring a doula depends on the type of support you need and how much support is needed. I have set pricing depending on the service or package desired. My birth service fee is $950. I also have many other options for services that combine birth and postpartum as well. 

Do you have payment plans?

YES! Budgeting is so vital for financial peace. I gladly work with my clients as best I can when it comes to an agreeable payment arrangement. I typically require a client to pay an initial deposit at the time of the booking. For all birth services and packages, I typically require a minimum of 50% down at signing. All remaining fees must be paid by 37/38 weeks gestation. 

Any a-la-carte services are paid in full at the time of booking unless discussed otherwise.

Clients can schedule payments up to 4 payments and all payments must be completed before the end of the service. For any birth services or birth packages/combo's, total fees must be paid by 37 weeks gestation. 

Have a tighter budget?

Send me and email or we can talk to me about it at our consultation.

We can discuss an arrangement that can meet your needs.

Would if I go into labor and you are not available?

No Problem! After signing on with me I will have you meet one of my “back-up” doulas that I am partnered with. This doula will be like minded and will provide the same scope of support promised by me. I am responsible for coordinating this doula and paying them. You will receive their information by 38 weeks gestation.

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