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The Fertility Doula Service

A fertility doula is a trained professional who provides preconception support to individuals and partners as they follow their path to parenthood. Whether you are in the beginning stages of family planning or you are experiencing fertility challenges, we can work together to accomplish your goals. 

Fertility Support Includes:
- Meet together to assess your needs and goals (90 min)
- Assistance with research and planning
- Coaching on self care, nutrition, and wellness 
- “What’s Next”  In-person meetings every 2 to 4 weeks to review options and help make decisions
- In person attendance and emotional support should you need at appointments or before/after 
- Video/Phone chat(s) on progress (60 min)
- Discounts on Birth & Postpartum Services

Service Options

Fertility Service 

Choose sessions from 6 weeks to up to 12 week at a time. Providing educated and compassionate support via video chat, phone calls/texts and emails. Clients are able to schedule virtual/video meetings bi-weekly, phone calls weekly and can text or email at any time with questions, concerns or just to check in.

  • virtual meetings via Zoom (1 hr each)

  • Weekly Phone calls (1 hr each) 

  • Continuous text and email support 

  • Assistance with research, planning and decision making 

  • Customized Self Care Regimen Planning 

  • Help with resources and support groups 

  • Health and Wellness Coaching 

  • Fertility/Family Planning Coaching

Fertility Package 

Similar to birth doula support, this service emphasizes the ongoing support and education. This support is for the entirety of the fertility journey through 12 weeks of gestation. This service will provide the following:


  • Fertility/Family Planning Coaching

  • Self Care Regimen Planning 

  • In person meetings every 2 - 3 weeks 

  • Health/Wellness Coaching: Emotional Health, Nutrition, and Fitness  

  • Continuous support via phone/email  

  • Assistance with research and decision making 

  • Accompanying Appointments 

  • Emotional Support 

  • Discount on Birth Services


Fertility Service

For those early into the fertility journey. 6 - 12 weeks of support. 

Baby Slippers

Fertility Package

Support from preconception thru 12 weeks gestation. I am with you every step of the way.