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"Let me do that"
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New mothers and fathers are buried beneath the overwhelming amount of work it takes to not only care for a newborn baby, siblings (if there are any) and maintaining the household chores. It is too much. No one should do this alone. 


Serving families postpartum was not initially going to be my focus when I decided to become a doula. I quickly realized however how valuable this support is and how much it means to these families to have an environment in which they can be nurtured and nurture their young family. Sometimes you simply don’t need someone to help you with your baby, you just need someone to help you with EVERYTHING else. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, errands and more. These are the tasks that we find difficult to get to because it usually means sacrificing precious time to bond with your new baby. I firmly believe we shouldn’t have to make that choice. If we cannot find help through friends, family or other resources then who can we turn to?


A Postpartum Doula! 


Hiring a doula is not a luxury. Everyone should have the support they need to thrive. 

Home cleaning pricing ranges for various reasons. The size of your home, the unique cleaning needs and the time it may take to complete all needed tasks. Scheduling an in-home Consultation is the best start to learn about the pricing. I do not charge more than $150 for home cleaning. 


I am currently booking clients that are in need of a rotating schedule such as Weekly or Bi-Weekly. 


General Home Cleaning - $100-$150 


  • Kitchen: All Surfaces, Dishes, Exterior of Appliances and Floors  

  • All Bathrooms: Toilets, Surfaces, Tub/Shower, and Floors

  • Bedrooms: Changing Bedding, Vacuuming, Dusting and other Tidying. 

  • Home Organization: Bedrooms, Closets, Kitchens, and Nurseries *See Note Below*

  • Common Living Areas: Dusting, Floors and General Tidying

  • Interior Windows 

  • Laundry: Wash, Dry and Fold

  • Trash Disposal



Home Organization is an add on service I provide that can be scheduled the same day as a cleaning or a separate day. Often home organization takes extra time and attention, sometimes we even need to go purchase needed items to help create a system or organization that can be maintained. I recommend asking about this at a consultation and scheduling this service on separate occasions. 


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