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Breastfeeding is one of the biggest challenges that new mothers face after the birth of their child. When I became a mother, I thought it would just come naturally and that I would just follow my instincts. While that is somewhat true, breastfeeding education and support can truly make a difference in not only your understanding of how breastfeeding works, but also becoming confident in all the different methods, tools, and resources that are available to you. Whether you choose to exclusively breastfeed, bottle feed, supplement feed, or transition to formula, Breastfeeding Counseling can give you the confidence and peace of mind you need during this delicate time.

What is the difference between Lactation Counselors vs Lactation Consultants?

The short answer would be, Certified Lactation Counselors or CLC, come from a more holistic background and approach, where as a Certified Lactation Consultant or IBCLC, comes from a more clinical background.

Lactation Counselors help educate new mothers and families about breastfeeding, assist with establishing milk supply, offer guidance on optimal breastfeeding positions, tips on latching, and can also instruct the proper way to use a breast pump. 

Lactation Consultants do much of the same as above but also specialize in more advanced clinical knowledge about the various complications that can arise during the breastfeeding journey: clogged ducts, engorgement, tongue ties, and other more advanced issues. It's important to note that neither lactation counselors or consultants are medical professionals and cannot give medical advice, prescribe medications, or perform medical treatments. We can however, if needed) refer you to other specialists and providers that can further assist our clients to address these more advanced medical breastfeeding issues. 

Lactation Services


Lactation counseling visits are designed to get to know your lifestyle, breastfeeding goals, and identify your needs. We will assess your current breastfeeding routine, concerns, and desires. Depending on your goals, I will help educate and instruct you on the methods and options that you have and formulate a plan for you to try in the coming weeks. Start by scheduling a complimentary "Meet & Greet" to go over your needs and the lactation service. 

Lactation Service

  • Virtual "Meet & Greet" 

  • Up to 2 hour in-person session 

  • Hands on Instruction

  • Customized Action Plan 

  • 2 Virtual Follow Up Meetings


  Price: $230

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