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Winter Months: December - March

Due to our lovely winters here in Minnesota, I limit the service radius for safety reasons. During the winter months I limit the range to 25 - 40 minutes (15-25 miles). I do this for multiple reasons. The winter storms are a risk to travel in long distances and I would be nervous to try to travel in a winter storm more than the distance described above. I also would hate to risk missing a birth because of weather complications. On another note, I typically find back up doulas that are in close range to my clients in case of these circumstances so either way, I got you covered. 


If you are due within these months (Dec-Mar) and are interested in my services, please email me at thevillagedoulamn@gmail.com to discuss. 

Service Area


Lindstrom is about 45 - 60 (25-35 miles) minutes from the Twin Cities depending on location.

For most of the the year I am willing to drive anywhere within 1 hour of of my location to serve my clients. If you are outside of this service area, pricing is subject to change due to transportation costs.  Please contact me directly if you are interested in my services and live outside this radius.