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Postpartum Services

What is Traditional Postpartum Support?

There are many approaches to postpartum doula support. Influenced by different cultural practices and nourishment, the goal is to promote healing and restoration in the mother immediately after birth. Mothers are recommended to stay in bed for at least the first 5 days of postpartum after a vaginal delivery. If birth came by c-section, time is bed doubles to a minimum of 10 days.

A postpartum doula comes in to care for the mother. 

 The primary focus is to create an environment where the mother feels safe and at ease enough to allow herself to rest, heal, and blossom into motherhood. We are expected to be wonder women and do it all, even after birth. This support will promote proper bonding with your baby, improve long-term breastfeeding success, and reduce the occurrence of postpartum mood disorders.

Motherhood shouldn't be lonely or isolated

The Village Doula offers this intimate and nurturing service for up to 6 weeks postpartum. The typical postpartum goals and tasks are:

  • Prepare and Serve Nutrient Dense foods

  • Herbal Remedies for Healing

  • Infant Care & Education

  • Sibling Care

  • Breastfeeding Counseling

  • Light Household Task: Laundry, bedmaking, dishes, etc...

Service options are customized to each families needs. Every birth is different and presents ins own challenges in postpartum. Care is available both during the day and during the night. Schedule a consultation to learn more about this service, the cost, and how we can create a plan to optimize this precious time of healing.

Example of healing bath
Herbal bath teas for postpartum
breakfast in bed
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