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Stephany Abrego supporting her client


"Stephany was so wonderful and supportive during our babies birth. Her knowledge and upbeat attitude helped my husband and I so much during our pre-birth meetings, the birth, and the post-birth meeting. She was full of great ideas for positions to help labor along. Which was super helpful for both me and my husband. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula or any type of support needed when a new baby comes!"

- Kate M. Birth Client

I am so grateful for the support Stephany gave me. Her strong yet calming voice, guidance, and hands on support was exactly what I needed to help me have the birth story I wanted. She is a passionate and dedicated advocate and I cannot recommend her enough!                
- Hannah E., Birth Client

Doula Stephany w/ Client Hannah.jpg

"I cannot begin to describe how amazing Stephany was before, during and after labor/delivery. I had 2 full nights of false labor before going into full labor and she immediately answered my questions and comforted me. she was encouraging yet authentic and real at the same time about the importance of letting my body do its thing in its own time. My labor was extremely long and I can for sure count 2x that I legitimately wanted to quit and thought I couldn't keep going. Stephany new exactly what I needed to keep going whether it was to try a different position, a laugh, encouragement, or just a reminder of how strong I was. She also knew when to advocate for me to hospital staff such as encouraging longer skin to skin connection once baby was born. and at that point my mind was not on advocating so I was very appreciative that she was there to even think if advocating for me and baby. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

- Victoria H., Birth Client


   "Stephany was a breath of fresh air for our pregnancy, labor and postpartum journey. She brought a wealth of knowledge, experience, and ideas that helped us understand and conquer any and all fears that may have come up along the way by answering all our questions with respect and confidence.

We enjoyed her friendliness, easy-going personality, and responsiveness.

When it came to the day of our labor, which was long and exhausting, she was with us every step of the way, helping us through the most difficult parts. She was just as helpful with my husband as a support person as she was with me. After a total of 44 hours, which required her to take a break for a few hours with a backup doula, she was by our side when our son was born and helped with breastfeeding. Our home visit a few days later was great, too.

We highly recommend her and would love to have her again when/if the time comes for our second child!"

- Brittany V, Birth Client

Stephany and Alex M.jpg

   "Stephany was such an amazing part of our birth journey! From the moment we met her we immediately hit it off and knew she would be the perfect fit for us. Stephany was always very responsive and easy to communicate with. When we decided to switch from a birth center to home birth halfway through pregnancy, Stephany fully supported our decision and helped us find a midwife right away. Having a support person to connect with throughout pregnancy was extremely helpful and always gave us peace of mind. During labor, Stephany provided invaluable support to help me reach my goal of birthing our baby at home. Her counter pressure and massage techniques were extremely helpful and kept me so much more comfortable during contractions. She was always very encouraging and great at providing guidance on breathing/different laboring positions. She was an amazing support person while also including my husband throughout the entire journey. Stephany played an integral role in us having the peaceful and empowering birth experience I always imagined!
Having Stephany throughout pregnancy and labor was the best decision we made and I cannot recommend her enough! We will definitely hire her for all our future pregnancies. I cannot wait to work with her again - doula for life!!"
- Alex M, Birth Client

One of my close friends referred Stephany to us. It was our second pregnancy and first experience with a doula. We could feel the good energy and passion for her work the minute we met her. Stephany supported us in every decision that we made and always left us feeling confident. She was very easy to talk to and responded quickly whenever we reached out.  Having a support person like Stephany made all the difference going through this pregnancy. While my labor was progressing quickly, Stephany also had another client in labor. She acted quickly and made sure that the back up doula was on her way to me. It wasn't the ideal situation, but Stephany dealt with it gracefully and made sure I was okay until she was able to be there. Stephany arrived just in time for the birth. She jumped right in providing support and encouragement as I delivered our baby girl. Stephany's guidance and support gave us the tools to have a beautiful and empowering home birth experience. 
I would refer Stephany to anyone and everyone! Stephany wasn't just our doula, she became a part of our family unit. She is the BEST!

- Jenny S.Birth Client


"Hiring Stephany was the best decision my husband and I made regarding our birth plan. She was always accessible and willing to answer questions before labor. As a first time mom, there were a lot of unknowns and she made us both feel informed and ready to deliver our baby. 

Once I was in labor, Stephany came to our house and helped me labor at home. She was very encouraging without being distracting. My husband felt like she partnered with us during labor instead of replacing him. When I had a poor experience with the midwives as the birth center, Stephany remained positive and reminded me of my birth plan. Unfortunately my long labor mixed with negativity from the midwives started to become too much for me and I made the decision to transfer to the hospital and get an epidural. Even though this wasn't the plan or goal, she did not make me feel judged and continued to be nothing but reassuring. 

When it was hard emotionally that things didn't go as planned, having Stephany there made a huge difference for us. I can't image going through labor/delivery without her. It was also very nice having the postpartum visit to go over how labor went and to emotionally process things. 

Overall we are beyond grateful for her."

- Maia M, Birth Client

So thankful to have Stephany as our doula for the birth of our daughter! After 3 previous deliveries, I desired a more natural birth experience and began looking into doula services to meet that goal. Upon meeting Stephany I felt instantly heard and understood. She takes time to get to know you, your story, and your hopes for birth. She also is extremely knowledgeable and was able to share so much with my husband and I, where we felt much more educated about the birth process and what to expect. Stephany is so personable, and has great communication. We were able to connect at several intentional points through my pregnancy in person and via phone / text for questions.

My birth experience had many unexpected moments and I honestly couldn’t imagine not having Stephany there to help advocate, support and guide us!! She came to the hospital with urgency and was the one giving me the words and encouragement I needed to get through contractions. She recommended positions and provided comfort where I needed it. Also reminding me to breathe!! Highly recommend Stephany and her doula services! She is so compassionate and after my experience I am confident she will guide you through whatever you may encounter!

- Michelle H, Birth Client

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