The Village Doula

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Birth Support

Supporting families through pregnancy and birth

Birth work has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. Becoming a mother myself at a young age, I was always so passionate about woman's health and childbirth. Minnesota has done incredible work in the birth world and doula work is on the rise. After serving so many families these last couple of years I have discovered what expecting families really need from me as a doula and the best ways I can support them. I have designed my birth services package to accommodate and surround my clients with the highest quality support possible. Take a moment to to learn about my services and what is included. I hope you find the answers you are looking for and I am looking forward to meeting you at our consultation.

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Lactation Counseling

In-home support you can count on.

Breastfeeding is a tough journey. Often we underestimate how challenging it can be! Breastfeeding education is extremely valuable and can make such a difference in your confidence as you navigate motherhood and feeding your baby. Whether you want to exclusively breastfeed or exclusively pump, I will be available to help you along the way. Providing education, instruction, support, and guidance and you find your best routine. As a mother myself, I struggled with breastfeeding and wish I had the guidance that I now offer. Even just to have a compassionate voice to encourage me and help me manage a new chapter.